Altitude Achievements 2018


Laurette Lubbers
Laurette trained with us in preparation for The Mount Everest Marathon 2018 – The worlds highest marathon. Laurette managed to complete the Marathon in 8hrs33min – 42km from 5500m down to 3600m above sea level. She placed 9th female overall, and was the 1st in her travelling group of ladies to cross the finish line.



Bree Lo Grande
Bree received player of the Final for North Queensland Touch Championships. Altitude training helped to increase her sprint repeat-ability and reduce recovery time.



John Petersen
After 6 weeks of Altitude training John completed his multiple repeat hill climb up Copperlode Dam to the 1st and 2nd Lookout with a 20% improvement respectively in his time. 

Lisa Conyers
Lisa placed 3rd in her age group at the Great Pyramid Race, with a personal best (PB) in her ascent up the pyramid. Her best ascent time in the 9 years she has completed the race. 



Shelley Peden 
Shelley placed 3rd in her age group at the Townsville Tri Festival. Although Shelley found herself a little time poor, she still managed to achieve a personal best (PB) in her run time and she reported feeling less exhausted.


Brownyn Price & Tracey Townsend 
Two sisters training in their endeavor to Mt Everest Base camp. After 4 weeks of altitude training, they trekked Mount Emerald as a part of their training & managed to cut 2 hours off their first attempt.


Leigh Whitney
Leigh placed 1st in his age group at the Townsville Tri Festival. Leigh will now continue training for the World Championships Triathlon in the Gold Coast in September

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