Client Profiles

Name: Toni

Age: 46

“I started at Complete Health & Fitness Solutions 3.5 years ago. I came to Complete Health & Fitness Solutions because I diagnosed with a rare congenital heart condition that was having a major impact on my capacity to do everyday activities. Including putting out the wheelie bins and pushing a shopping trolley which would leave me short of breath and exhausted. I’ve stayed on with Complete Health & Fitness Solutions because it’s a small gym with personalised care and I feel supported in its environment where I know I can ask for help. My advise to anyone wanting to start their exercise journey is that realising the best version of yourself is a daily commitment of function exercise, excellent nutrition and self care.”

A little more about Toni:

Her favourite exercise/piece of exercise equipment: superman machine (the assisted chin up), otherwise the weight bar – squats.

Her best holiday: anywhere where I am well enough to keep up with my family

Her favourite pet/animal: dogs dogs dogs 

Hobbies/sports: maintaining my fitness by walking everyday and hanging out with my family 

Name: Pat

Age: 80

“Let me tell you my story on why I enjoy going to Complete Health & Fitness Solutions. I became a widow in 2016 and realised I had to start a new life on my own. I have always felt one has to look after your health, but also it is important to keep our bodies as fit and healthy as possible. When I visit my family, who live in WA they love taking me to new places to see. So, I do a fair bit of walking to see the beautiful sights. I attend the exercise classes on Tuesday and Thursday Mornings (Over 50’s Circuit). The people in the group classes are great and we enjoy keeping fit. We have many laughs, and everyone is really friendly. Mikaela and Scott watch over us and check we do things right. My advice to anyone looking to start their exercise journey, come along and try the exercise classes at Complete Health & Fitness Solutions. They make you feel good, gets you out of the house and mixing with friendly people. I am very happy I joined this fitness group.”


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