Group Fitness Studio

The CHFS Group Fitness Studio is where you can join in weekly classes and programs with friends and other CHFS members.  Check out the Group Class Timetable.

Group classes are designed for over 50s who would like to increase their strength, balance and mobility in a fun and safe environment.

  • Stretch 
    Combines Mobilising movement, spikey ball, stretching and myofacial release techniques to help you feel free and supported.
  • Swissball
    Swissball Low to moderate intensity workout using Swiss balls to help build better fitness, strength, core stability and long term results.
  • Circuit
    Circuit Moderate intensity interval workout using various fitness tools such as sand bells, ViPR’s, balloons and ropes to challenge your fitness.
  • Yoga
    Yoga A beginner friendly class focused on breathing, stretches, basic poses and meditation to leave you feeling relaxed and balanced.
  • Steady Steps
    Low impact gentle exercise which incorporates the principles of balance, strength and stability in Older Adults.  More on the Steady Steps program.


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