Liu Moghilco


Qualifications and Memberships

  • Bachelor of Food and Nutrition Sciences (BFood&NutrSc) 2018
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science (BEx&SportSc)  2020
  • Associate Nutritionist (ANutr)
  • Member of Exercise Sport Science Australia (ESSA)
  • Member of The Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA)
  • Member of International Society of Sports Nutrition

Professional Development and Certificates

  • Senior First Aid CPR & Defibrillation
  • Certificate in Exercise Nutrition, Precision Nutrition Level 1 –  2020
  • Certified Sports Nutritionist form the International Society of Sports Nutrition – coming soon
  • Personal Trainer Accreditation – Fitness Australia

About Liu

Liu became an Associate Nutritionist and an Accredited Exercise Scientist because of her  genuine passion for healthy living and disease prevention. Liu is a strong believer that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand towards the health and wellbeing and she is thrilled to help clients with these fundamental tools during their journey.

Liu has a strong interest in strength and conditioning, body composition, weight loss and exercise performance. Trough personalised nutrition, exercise programs, goal setting and guidance Liu helps her clients to overcome their challenges, reach their achievements and change their lives in better.

Liu has a Russian heritage, but she also lived in Italy for 15 years and since 2014 proudly calls Australia home. She has a strong cultural awareness, personal ethics and life experiences which she is enthusiastic to share with the local community.

In her spare time Liu enjoys her gym training routine, road cycling, trying new healthy and delicious recipes, walking her dog and spend time with her family. She also endeavours some Aussie experiences such as camping, bush walking, fishing and learning slang

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