Creating independence for quality of life.

Creating independence for quality of life.

What is Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist (physio or physiotherapy specialist) is a highly-educated healthcare professional focusing on both the management and prevention of pain, injury, disability and impairment. They see people of all ages, backgrounds and experiences, with a focus on improving their health and achieving their goals through evidence-based treatment.

Physiotherapists specialise in helping people improve function by better managing pain, preventing disease and improving performance. This can range from an elite athlete reaching their sporting potential to the elderly being able to safely walk. A Physiotherapists primary focus is largely on empowering people to be healthy through education, exercise and lifestyle modification. A Physiotherapist will help you to better help yourself, by teaching you lifelong healthy habits.

As a primary contact health professional, Physiotherapists have a role in the differential diagnosis of conditions that masquerade as musculoskeletal problems.


What can I expect from a Physiotherapy appointment?

A typical physiotherapy appointment will last for 30-45 minutes. In that time, our Physiotherapist will discuss your situation and undertake a tailored physical and functional assessment, followed by hands on treatment. You’ll be given an explanation of your pain and symptoms, including any predisposing anatomical, biomechanical, strength or other issues which you may have. During treatment, you will be shown some exercises and/or techniques, to help to ease your pain. These will be tailored to your particular circumstances and will help to restore strength and movement, as needed. We may also utilise taping, dry needling and other modalities, depending on the client and their needs. Each case is different.

We work as a team to achieve your health and recovery goals. Our team will collaborate with each other to determine the best possible approach to your management. That is why we are your Allied Health Studio.


What can Physiotherapy with?

Physiotherapists can help diagnose, rehabilitate and manage a range of common injuries, such as vertigo, lower back pain, shoulder bursitis, rotator cuff injuries and knee injuries, as well as post surgical rehabilitation and more. 

 Other Services our Physiotherapists can help with: