Healthy Eating Activity & Lifestyle

Improve your health, energise your life! The Healthy Eating Activity and Lifestyle (HEAL) program helps people to develop lifelong healthy lifestyle habits. The program consists of:

A 2 hour group session each week for 8 weeks:

  • 1 hour of gentle exercise
  • 1 hour of lifestyle education.

And one-on-one health consultations:

  • At the start of the program
  • After the 8 weeks of classes

Exercise sessions involve group exercises that anyone can do. The groups are with friendly, supportive people. Sharing ideas and asking questions is encouraged.

Who is the program for?

The HEAL program is designed for people who have been diagnosed with:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Risk of diabetes (AUSDRISK >12)
  • BMI >30
  • More than 2 cardiac risk factor (including high blood pressure or high cholesterol)

The HEAL program will help you to manage your:

  • Weight
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Risk of heart disease (including high blood pressure or high cholesterol).

Topics include:

  • Your Health and Your Choices
  • Physical Activity
  • What is Healthy Eating?
  • Fat in Your Diet & Eating Out
  • Recipe Modification, Meal Planning & Budgeting
  • Food Label Reading
  • Making and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Myths, Misconceptions & Non-hungry Eating.

This is a Government subsidised program, Medicare rebates available.
Scott – 0400 008 602 or ask your GP for a referral into the program.
More information on the HEAL program is available on the ESSA website.

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This project is a joint association between South Western Sydney PHN and Exercise & Sports Science Australia.

Testimonial from Dianne
“Great course, great people. It’s really helped me turn things around.” – Dianne

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