Our Services

Complete Health and Fitness Solutions specialises in the following services:

Health Assessments

Our health assessment is designed to identify risk of disease in the future, current status of health and identify any other areas that can be improved to reduce risk and benefit your health.

We provide you with an in depth analysis into your health history and current lifestyle

The areas we consider:

  • Current condition or health status
  • Exercise
  • Dietary habits
  • goal setting
  • barriers
  • Stress
  • risk factors
  • sleep

An overall evaluation of your current health status in reference to information provided from your GP as well as the information gathered from us through your fitness assessment and body composition assessment. These tests will also help us identify any possibility that you are at risk of diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

Body Composition Assessments

Using our specialised scales we are able to accurately assess your body composition to determine the relative fat mass, muscle mass, and hydration level of your body. This data is then used during future assessments to identify training effectiveness, adherence and future program considerations.

Individualised Exercise Testing

Exercise testing provides us with information of your current health and fitness status. We use this data to prescribe the right volume and intensity of exercise for each individual. We base our testing on your individual goals and current health status to help us identify the most effective prescription of exercise to reach your designated outcome.

  • eg. Cardiovascular fitness, Strength and Balance.

Exercise Prescription

Once we have collected the above information, we are able to create an intelligent educated program designed to meet your specific needs, rather than a “one size fits all” approach. We then deliver the program so you will know how to execute the exercises safely and to achieve the possible results from your program.

Exercise, nutritional and healthy living advice

Our helpful team members can advise and answer any questions you may have such as ideas to keep motivated, nutritional advice, advice on getting a better nights sleep or things you can do in your own time to reach your goals.

Accredited Exercise Physiologists strive to meet the demands of the client’s condition, whether it be chronic pain, a musculoskeletal condition or you just want some advice to get back to being a healthier you. 

Exercise Programming

Every client at CHFS gets their own individualised exercise program that takes into account your medical requirements and any goals that you want to achieve during a certain time period.

Your individualised program will be introduced and taught to you by an Accredited Exercise Physiologist who will ensure that you conduct all exercises in a correct and safe manner.

CHFS exercise physiologists are always present on the exercise studio floor so you can feel safe that you will be attended to if you have any problems in the studio; whether you need help moving weights around the room or have a question about exercise or your program.

Fitness Assessment

An assessment performed during your initial consultation where you are exercised under controlled conditions on either the treadmill or exercise bike, which allows us to gain a perspective on how your body changes under the different levels of exercise stress.

We will make judgement as to what other testing may be required in order for us to gather a enough information.

Other tests may include:

  • Strength e.g. 5RM tests
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Flexibility


Education is an important part of your exercise program; it gives you as the client a solid understanding of why you may be doing a certain exercise and how it is benefiting you for the short and long term.

Education is generally conducted informally around the exercise studio where an Accredited Exercise Physiologist will be more than happy to help answer any concerns that you may have about your health and well being.

CHFS also conduct formal education sessions which take place in either a monthly social event that focuses around fun and simple activities that can be taken up as a regular activity to promote an active life.


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