Costs and Rebates

At Complete Health & Fitness Solutions we have a variety of options and plans to suit your health care needs.

Health Rebates

We are fully accredited and covered under Medicare CDM (Chronic Disease Management) (formerly EPC) plans and most Private Health insurance companies (rebates vary depending on your level of insurance cover).

If you have a doctor referral and an CDM plan typically the costs are $97.05 ($150 – $52.95 rebate) for the initial consultation, with subsequent consultations bulk billed, ie. no further costs to you, so you can have up to 5 consultations for $97.05 total! Plus you get 1 month free membership at our exercise studio.

We can process all private health insurance and Medicare claims onsite with our HICAPS system for your convenience.

Consultation Fees
Exercise Studio Fees
Personal Taining Fees
Better Breathing Fees
Laser Therapy Fees
Chronic Disease Programs

Feel free to call us to talk about what options we can tailor together to suit your needs and what rebates you may be eligible for.

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