Complete Health and Fitness Solutions provides you with the best Accredited Exercise Physiologists and Personal Training that Cairns has to offer. 

CHFS provides a chronic disease studio for people who wish to exercise knowing their program is being managed by a highly qualified professional. Complete Health and Fitness Solutions exercise studio is the one for you if you want:

  1. Personalised friendly exercise studio for you to exercise safely
  2. Constant supervision whilst you exercise
  3. Specific tailored exercise plan to meet your needs
  4. Client management to ensure you are meeting your goals
  5. Fun, social and interactive.

Holistic Approach

Our approach to health and well being is collaborative and holistic utilising our network of allied health and natural medicine practitioners of cairns to help you reach a quality of life. We help guide you through the process of transformation enabling you to take charge of what goals or health conditions no matter how big or small they may be.

Our holistic approach includes looking at not only exercise but movement, facilitating goal setting, helping you to improve food choice and nutrtion, provide ways for you to “chill out” and reduce the stress load on your body, who else can help improve the function of your body through hormonal regulation and much more.

We take pride in our high standards when it comes to patient care and really put the “personal” in personalised.

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