Information for Doctors

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Information for Doctors

With the new ‘Exercise is Medicine’ scheme up and running, what better way to really get the patients ball rolling than to strengthen the General Practitioner/Exercise Physiologist, General Practitioner/Physiotherapist relationship?

Measurable Improvements

Improvements your patients are likely to obtain through undertaking exercise rehabilitation are:

  • an increase in cardiovascular function and decreased levels of fatigue;
  • reduction in blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol levels;
  • improved coordination and balance;
  • general improvement in mood and well-being.

Fully Qualified Exercise Physiologists & Physiotherapists

As university-qualified Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists, we are 100% capable and willing to assist with any client’s needs. If you have any patients who you think would benefit from exercise therapy to assist their needs, please do not hesitate to call us.

Chronic Disease Management Program referrals (formerly EPC)

We welcome all Chronic Disease Management Program referrals for exercise prescription and chronic disease management. All CDM clients receive subsidised costs to our facility. This also includes other schemes such as the HEAL program and diabetic referrals.

Department of Veteran Affair (DVA) referrals

Department of Veteran Affair (DVA) referrals are welcomed for exercise prescription and disease management. All DVA clientele require a D904 referral, dated and signed by the referring general practitioner. All DVA referrals receive 100% free individualised services provided by our EP’s.

NOTE: We would greatly appreciate a full client history including past test results, reports, and medication listings. All DVA travel expenses can be claimed when signed off by the service provider and the claimant.


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Get to know our story and the team at Complete Health Cairns.

Complete Health Cairns provides you with the best Accredited Exercise Physiologists, Accredited Exercise Scientists, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapists that Cairns has to offer. 

Movement is Medicine.

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