Exercise Science

Creating independence for quality of life.

Our job is to help promote healthy lifestyles to prevent, reduce and manage disease within our populations.

This will improve the quality of life for all people.

What is Exercise Science?

Accredited Exercise Scientists (AESs) apply the science of exercise to design and deliver physical activity and exercise-based interventions to improve health, fitness, well-being, performance and assist in the prevention of injury and chronic conditions. Exercise Scientists utilise their combined knowledge of biomechanics, physiology, psychology and performance analysis to assess a person’s individual requirements and develop an appropriate exercise program.


What can I expect from an Exercise Science appointment?

We undertake a thorough assessment including lifestyle, exercise and health history, working with you to identify your goals. We then work together to devise a management plan, specifically tailored to make sure you reach those goals. Your Exercise Scientist will then prescribe a course of exercises for either fitness or rehabilitation, to help you get the outcome you want. 

At Complete Health Cairns, we are fortunate enough to have an Exercise Scientist (Mikaela) with a wide range of Qualifications. Mikaela is not only an Accredited Exercise Scientist, but also Remedial Massage Therapist, with a Certificate in Advanced Taping, and a Certificate in Dry Needling. You can book an Exercise Science appointment with Mikaela for any of the above. Please note all Massage appointments with Mikaela can only be booked via contacting the studio, these appointments are not available online.


What can Exercise Science help with?

Accredited Exercise Scientists generally assist those of healthy populations, however, our Exercise Scientists at Complete Health Cairns come from a range of backgrounds, including work and experience in:

– Assisting Exercise Physiologists with Chronic Disease and Rehabilitation

– Strength & Conditioning and Training Athletes


Unfortunately, Exercise Scientists are not eligible for Medicare and Private Health Registration. All appointments with our Exercise Scientists are at a lower cost, to accommodate for unavailability of these rebates. 

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